The heating machine shut down on us and wouldn’t click back on

Our heating macchine decided to shut off and won’t turn back on! I realize that it is August… A lot of people don’t need their heating machine during this time, but where we live, it gets entirely chilly at night around this time. It gets down to the forties here at night, and the residence gets pretty chilly, so both of us use our heating machine only at night starting in August. It sounds entirely insane to almost everyone when I tell them that both of us use our heating machine in the summertime, although I don’t sleep entirely well in the cold. I legitimately care about our residence being at least seventy one degrees. Even though I can sleep if it is at least seventy one degrees, both of us usually set our temperature control unit to seventy one degrees while in the warm season so that the heating machine kicks on at night when it gets below seventy one degrees. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and the residence felt extremely chilly. I could hear the heating machine running, but then, it turned off. I thought that it was different that the heating machine turned off even though it felt kind of frosty. I went back to sleep however I was terribly chilly but I figured it was just me. I am almost always chilly anyway. My spouse and I woke up the next morning to a forty degree residence. It was so chilly I didn’t want to get out of bed! Apparently, the heating machine turned off in the middle of the night when I heard it turn off, but it didn’t turn back on. My spouse attempted to manually turn it back on, but he couldn’t get it to turn on. Thankfully, it isn’t Winter, but we still need to get our heating machine working soon.


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