Not happy about my air purification machine breaking on me

My air purification machine broke merely minutes after I opened it.

It is just my bad luck I guess.

I don’t even realize what happened to the air purification machine. All I know for certain is that it turned on alright the first time I tried. After I moved it into my kitchen, the air purification machine would not turn on. It made me so frustrated. I could not entirely believe what had happened. I tried to turn the air purification machine on a few times after that, as well as nothing happened. All I did was carefully carry the air purification machine upstairs to my kitchen as well as plug it in. I thought that maybe all of the outlets in my kitchen were not working or something, so I eventually took the air purification machine back downstairs as well as tried to turn it on all over again. Well, it wouldn’t turn on downstairs either. I checked all the breakers, as well as everything looked fantastic. It was my air purification system that wasn’t working any longer. There was no other explanation in the slightest. I am still incredibly disappointed that my air purification system doesn’t function. It was approximately fifteen minutes after I took it out of the box that it stopped working. It wasn’t a cheap air purification machine either. That is a single reason that I am extremely surprised that the air purification machine is not now working. It is a pretty good brand, as well as it is absolutely reputable. I am sure I will be able to exchange it for something entirely new; it just easily stinks that I have to. I entirely just wanted a working air purification machine for my kitchen. It makes me feel so much better knowing that I have an air purification machine during this pandemic stuff.

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