I realized that the A/C equipment quit working this past night

I sincerely hope that I don’t have to go through all of that

This past night, our A/C equipment totally quit, plus I didn’t even know why until I looked at the blinking digital clock. I was aware that there was a power surge, plus the A/C equipment was fried. I didn’t actually know all of that until I asked my neighbor who knows a great deal more about A/C equipment than I do. I told him that the power went out last night, plus now, our A/C equipment won’t even work. He asked me if the A/C equipment was running when the power went out, plus I told him that it most definitely was. He said that our A/C equipment may never work again. He is coming over today to take a look at it. I hope that he is entirely mistaken because our A/C equipment is very important to me. I need a/c equipment in our bedroom in order to get good sleep at night. I never sleep well in boiling rooms. I used to have a challenging time sleeping almost every single night during the warm season months. Now that I have A/C equipment, I sleep so well. I may be going back to restless nights all over again if our A/C equipment is actually broken for good. I can’t actually afford to get new A/C equipment right now, my only choice will be to ask my buddies plus family if any of them have a spare A/C that I can borrow until I can save up enough money to get new A/C equipment. I sincerely hope that I don’t have to go through all of that. Hopefully, our A/C equipment still works, plus I am just doing something completely wrong.

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