I feel bad for my husband being his heater is not working in his car

The furnace in my husband’s vehicle totally quit! Even though it is technically still the hot season, it gets severely chilly here during the night, plus it is still chilly early in the morning hours when my husband drives to work.

My husband usually leaves for his task around 6 in the morning, plus he said that it is usually around 42 degrees when he leaves for work.

That is truly freezing especially when it gets up into the seventies during the day most often… It is quite the temperature change, but he normally uses his heating equipment every morning on the way to work. The furnace in his vehicle easily quit working a few days ago. He wears a heavy coat plus gloves, although he said that it is still entirely frosty in his car. I easily feel so bad for him, but there isn’t much that we can do at the moment. He needs to get the heating equipment in his vehicle fixed, but the closest mechanic is roughly an hour away from us, plus we only have one vehicle. He could possibly get a ride to his task if the mechanic had to take more than a day to repair the heating equipment, despite the fact that I task in the evenings, plus I don’t guess that I could get a ride to work. I told him to get a space furnace plus wire it into his vehicle in some fashion. He said that he wanted to try, although he didn’t know for certain how to wire a space furnace into his vehicle plus he didn’t guess it would be safe. I guess he is right about that, despite the fact that I would love to figure out some way to get heat in his vehicle for him.
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