I feel bad because my hubby’s heating machine is not working in his car

The heating machine in my hubby’s vehicle suddenly quit.

Even though it is technically still the summer months, it gets rather freezing here during the evening, and it is still very cold early in the day when my hubby goes to work.

My hubby usually leaves for his workplace around five in the morning time, and he said that it is commonly around forty-five degrees when he goes to work. That is extremely freezing especially when it gets up into the seventies during the day most of the time. It truly is quite the temperature change. He often uses his furnace every day on the way to work, however the furnace in his vehicle stopped entirely working not so long ago. He wears a heavy coat and gloves, but he said that it is still freezing in his car. I actually feel so bad for him, however there isn’t much that we can do about it for now. He needs to get the heating machine in his vehicle repaired, however the closest mechanic is far away from us. All we have is a single vehicle. He could possibly get a ride to his job if the mechanic had to take more than a day to repair the heater, although I happen to work evenings, and I don’t believe that I could get a ride to work. I told him to get an area furnace and wire it into the car. He said that he was willing to try, but he didn’t actually know how to wire an area furnace into his vehicle plus he thought it might not be safe. I suppose he is right, although I would prefer to figure out some way to get heat in his vehicle for him.

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